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Cookies policy

The cookies are small pieces of data that the server sends to the web browser of visitors to our Website. They are stored on the user's device as a small text file, and on request the browser sends it back to the server.

Cookies can be read on the Website for subsequent user visits. The information stored in a cookie may refer to user browsing habits of the webpage or the unique user IDs of the user so that the Website can identify the user at the subsequent visit.

Cookies can improve website experience during the user's visit and even during repeated visits, while keeping the settings for the various items on the Website

However, within the meaning of the General Regulation on data protection, cookies in some cases enable an identification of natural persons as individuals and may be linked to online identifiers provided by their devices, applications, tools and protocols, such as Internet Protocol (IP addresses) or other identifiers, such as RFID tags. Thus, can be left traces that combined in particular with unique identifiers and other information received by the servers can be used to create profiles of individuals and their identification.

How do we use cookies?

„Best solution” EOOD does not use cookies to collect personal information. The only thing that cookies are used directly is to connect requests from the user's device to the servers of „Best solution” EOOD. However, „Best solution” EOOD may use third-party services such as Google Analytics, which in turn use cookies to track visitors' use of the website, including things like: browser versions, operating system types, device types, etc.

The information collected in this way allows „Best solution” EOOD to understand how the its website is used, including: the number of visitors, the specific pages visited, the pages visited in a session, the time spent on viewing certain pages, etc. This information helps „Best solution” EOOD to provide visitors with the specific and appropriate information for them.

„Best solution” EOOD will not attempt to identify visitors from their personal IP addresses, unless this is necessary to identify a fraud or other legitimate reason. Even ff visitor decide to disable cookies from his web browser, he can use most of the services on our website without losing functionality.

Cookies do not violate in any way the security of visitor’s computer.

Purpose of using cookies

The gathering of information and data by users through the cookie system is used to improve the service of „Best solution” EOOD regarding the usability of the website and display the most relevant information on this website.

Cookies types used by „Best solution” EOOD

Required cookies

  • These cookies are required to enable the website to perform its functions. For example: to display the website in the correct language, etc.

Efficiency and functionality cookies

  • These cookies allow visitor to customize website visits, to remember his or her preferences; thus „Best solution” EOOD carries out market studies.

Users’ rights related to the use of cookies

The user can choose whether to accept cookies or not. The browser can be set up so that it notifies the user every time a cookie is created on his computer - so the user can accept or reject a cookie.

Some cookies can be turned off using its browser's general settings or the browser can be set to automatically reject all cookies.

How to control cookies?

Disabling individual cookies or cookie types may require additional browser applications or the use of a cookie-specific cookie opt-out. Users can also delete all cookies already on their devices and can set most browsers to prevent them from being used at all. Disabling all cookies through web browser settings will result in loss of functionality on the Website and result in unsatisfactory user service.

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